With the power of a MagicPot®, you can cook…

AT High Heat
FOR Less Time


OPOS (One Pot One Shot) is a scientific cooking technique to cook food in lowest time, highest heat and under pressure using a PressureBaker – an equipment specially designed for OPOS. All
OPOS recipes use One Pot and all cooking is done at One Shot.

No steps. No supervision.

Surveys have reported…

All the 90,200 members of the OPOS Facebook Group were invited to participate in the above surveys. Number of participants per poll varies.

“Our aim is to make food a non-issue to every human in this world.”

The Science

OPOS standardises cooking conditions to make all recipes work the same way for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Cooking is automated, thereby deskilling the entire process without compromise in taste, flavor, texture and nutrition. The principle is to cook food in its own juices at the highest possible heat, for the lowest possible time in a sealed container, where pressure builds up. The built up pressure also indicates the level of cooking. This is the science behind PressureBaking, the core technique that owers OPOS. Ingredients are layered for any dish, in a particular order to enable colour, texture and nutrition retention.

Cold Pressure Frying (CPF) is the second basic technique enabling deep frying at much lower temperatures. For CPF, ingredients are added to cold oil and everything is heated together under pressure to eliminate toxic oil fumes and minimise the production of carcinogens. With the above two and other techniques described here, we have demystified most global cuisines.

The methods are so simple, straightforward and child-friendly, that a 5-year old can easily replicate even a complex dish with ease. Anyone with no prior experience of cooking can just cook following a set of simple instructions, with standard equipment.

Benefits and Scalability

OPOS reduces cooking fuel by over 50%, reduces water usage over 70%, reduces manual labour by over 75% all along increasing the taste and nutrition. Nutrition retention is an important concern and OPOS PressureBaked food has been tested in food laboratories in comparison to stir-fried food and has been found to retain better colour and texture, greater mineral content, increased original protein and fat retention.

This deskilled, automated way to cook tasty, healthy food has revolutionised the lifestyles of OPOS families and individuals.We have noticed a shift-towards plant-based and high protein food with improved grain diversity, reduced reliance on refined carbohydrates, cooking fresh food in appropriate portion sizes leading to minimal food waste and overeating. OPOS focuses on deskilling, demystifying and automating cooking which encourages people to cook at home. It acts as a bonding time for the family as a whole – a family that (cooks) eats together stays together.

A demystified approach affords independence in the kitchen irrespective of gender, age, or employment status – an important step towards economic parity. The relative safety of OPOS allows hands-on involvement of children with an increased consumption of nourishing food. Incidentally, there has been a 90% reduction of take-aways or dining-out in OPOS families reducing transportation and packaging in the booming home-delivery industry in India. Given the high carbon footprint of takeaways and restaurant meals, this is a significant step for the health of the planet.

OPOS transcends geographical boundaries working with the same precision for any global cuisine. This has been repeatedly tested and validated by locals across the globe. OPOS techniques work seamlessly even in mass production of food to feed hundreds of people within a very short span of time. Scalability has been systematically achieved thanks to the automation in OPOS recipes, strong core techniques and the use of commercial pressure bakers. More information on the scalability of OPOS is available in our section on ‘Scaling Up’.

The Equipment